Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tomorrow is the last day of school

My children and I have survived another public school year. I am thankful. Their brains are fuller. I am so relived I don't have to be at the bus stop at a certain time everyday for two months. We can have pajama days. We can relax a little. I know I should be dreading the children in the house fighting all day but I am not. I can deal with a little drama if it means I can be lazier for a little while.

 I am sad that Eric leaves to see his bio dad. He has a new baby brother over there and is SO excited to go meet him. I am happy for him. I am genuinely happy for my ex. Babies are miracles. Brothers are magical. Families are forever. <3 p="">
Three weeks until we leave on an EPIC road trip vacation. 7 weeks until I turn 30. And Lily turns 7. 4 months until Iris turns 2.

My vlog is going well. It makes me happy to look back on 5 minute videos of our lives.

I am happy. 

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