Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sumer 2014 so far

I have a moment to sit down and blog. The baby is napping and the two middles are playing minecraft.

Technically, Summer has only been around for 5 days. The past week has been crap for me. I couldn't wait to sleep in and have days with nothing planned. The kids have been super bratty. The baby has been so needy. Husband has been so grumpy. Don't they know it is the best season, SUMMER!

Vacation in two weeks and it cannot come fast enough! We are going on an Epic road trip for three weeks. It should be an adventure.

I have noticed something lately with my adult friends. I have felt a lot of rejection. I have invited people out. I have invited people over. And the answer is always no. I am sure friends are not intentionally making me feel like this. I just just can't help but wonder what I am doing wrong.

The fact is - I can only take so much rejection. Then I assume we are no longer friends. And it sucks. Blah.

So that's where I am the last week. Missing my oldest child while he is at his bio dad's house. And a little lonely most days.

Today I made 9 jars of strawberry jam. Tomorrow I can see if my first attempt at canning worked. I hope it did. I need a summer filled with strawberry jam. 

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