Saturday, February 02, 2013

Coming out Vanilla

So. Yeah. Next month I will have been married to my husbandface for 7 years. And our relationship is better then its ever been.

I was sitting with a group of friends who were talking about sexual experiences. And this is when I realized I've become Vanilla. I enjoy my vanilla relationship with my husband. It is wonderful and enough for me. I am fulfilled by what I have.

I used to feel the need to over-share some crazy things I did as a teenager. I enjoyed shocking people. I honestly no longer feel that need. Have I just grown up? I don't know. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed of my experiences, I just no longer feel the need to shout it to the world that I was once a stripper. Or that I've had threesomes. Or that a girl once broke my heart.

On national coming-out day I had some friends come out at bisexual. Although I have identified as bisexual since I was 16, I feel no need to "come out." People close to me know or should know. My family on Facebook? Don't need to know. Because I am currently in a monogamous hetero relationship. This doesn't make me any less bi. It just means I fell in love with a man and decided to marry and have a family with him. I think this could have just as easily have happened with a woman.  I'm still attracted to women all the time. And men. But I'm in a committed relationship so I just enjoy the view. Haha.

My point is - I've become "vanilla." And you know what? I'm really really happy with it. I never thought I would be. I am.

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