Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday night

I love Fridays. They mean no alarm in true morning. They mean tea and cuddles with my husband. They mean no homework for the kids.

I stood in my master bath looking down at my baby who was laying on her blooming bath on the floor when the other three children ran in. Giggling and tickling. Talking and smiling. They all laid next to her and took turns hugging her. They all love her and each other so much.

I looked down at my children and felt happy. The kind of happy that can light up the whole room. I wanted to hug and kiss them forever.

But then that happy moment ended. They ran off to tell daddy something. He reminded them to brush their teeth and get in bed. Then he walked over amend kissed me. And I said nothing. I only smiled.

Life is made up of many moments. It's the important moments that you keep in your memory and heart that matter.

Sure, the kids argued and yelled after school. Sure, Eric is grounded for not doing his reading log. Sure, sad things happened. But this one happy Friday night makes all the terrible awful sad worth living through.

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