Thursday, November 29, 2012

4th grade is challenging.

I remember 4th grade. It was a big year for me. I got glasses. I was beat up a lot. I started listening to the radio. I made my first friends.

My oldest son is so very different from me. Awesome eyesight. He's never had to walk home in a bad neighborhood. He doesn't care about music.

We are both finding this school year challenging. He is doing so well in many ways and not-so-well in others. He's had a medication change. That has helped. A little.

He is still wild and crazy. I am raising a feral child. (Not really.)He is completely disorganized no matter how hard I try to organize his life for him. He still manages to lose homework and lunches. He fights homework every day.

There comes a point when you realize you have to let your child be themselves. I have had to let him suffer his own consequences of forgetting his homework or binder.

Previously I have felt like his failures were my failures. Like I am failing as a mother if he is not doing so well at school. Its just not true. I'm working my hardest to train him to be a decent human being. But he is who he is and I love and support him regardless of his grades.

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