Saturday, October 06, 2012

The afterbirth.

Immediately after Iris was born she was in my arms. But we were also in an empty slimy bathtub. I wanted nothing more then to get out. I was stuck in this awkward position and couldn't move. I was scared I'd slip and hurt the baby. I asked if Kevin could hold the baby. When her chord appeared to quit pulsating they clamped it and gave her to daddy. My midwife wouldn't let me move until I had delivered the placenta. So I kind just just sat in my gross slimy tub waiting. After a few minutes it came out. Apparently, it was huge. I didn't care to look at it honestly. 

They got me to my bed and on a chux pad. Although I had been up for 3 days and I hadn't really eaten much and I just delivered a baby - I felt like wonder woman. Rawr. Husband made me a delicious omelette.  My doula fed it to me while I tried to nurse my baby pixie. Everyone in the room was excitedly moving about and doing things.  I couldn't stop staring at my new daughter. I wanted to run and wake the other kids and show them their new baby. 

Gamma was the first to wander in and meet the new baby. He was all smiles and excitement. I snapped a picture of him holding his new pink sister. Of course Lily was her exuberant self jumping up and down for Iris. Eric was a whole nother story. He woke up angry. He didn't get to be there for the birth. He refused to come out of his room and meet Iris. He wouldn't talk to me when I knocked on his bedroom door. But when he finally did come into my room to meet her - it was love at first site. He absolutely loved her! Soon everyone had a chance to hold her and I thought I would just die bursting with love and happiness for my four children. 

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