Tuesday, June 26, 2012

27 weeks with babe # 4.

I've been trying to do a vlog today and for some reason it just isn't working. My windows laptop broke. I was just sitting here the other night and I spilled tea ALL OVER it. UGH. I was so mad at myself. Why do I have to be sooo clumsy? Oh well. So now I am using Husbandface's chromebook and I cannot get youtube to work. *sigh* So I guess I will just type instead of talk.

I'm 27 weeks now! Yay! Third trimester, baby! Baby Iris now moves around ALL time time and everyone feels her. I have gotten some lovely stretch marks on upper thighs. It only took 4 pregnancies. Heh. I expect I'll get some matching tiger stripes on my belly as it gets bigger! I'm already getting some terrible pain in my lower back - just as I remember from my last pregnancy. I've been trying to just relax. I wont be in pain forever. So I take a lot of hot baths. I have a giant bathtub!

Lately the little kids love to watch My Little Pony on netflix. Even Gamma. He begs for it. Today it was 55 degrees and raining. Yes. I live in awesomeville. Summer will never come. But we were watching it and the ponies changed it into spring from winter. I've decided we need some my little ponies here in the Pacific Northwest. Change into summer already! Geeze! Also - can I think of my stretch marks as my cutie marks? My special talent is growing people? Heh. 

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