Sunday, May 20, 2012

22 weeks and the other kids

I wanted to do a vlog today but have woken up with a chest cold and sound like a chain smoker. Not so fun for vlogging!

I DID see my midwife last week and I AM still planning on a home birth. This makes me ever so happy!

My platelets and iron are a little low - not too low to say I wont get a home birth. I think the midwife was just because cautious when we spoke over the phone about it. In person, things are great! I just need more iron. They will test my blood again at 25 weeks and we will go from there.

In other news - ITS A GIRL. And I am SO EXCITED! Before I found out I honestly didn't have a preference. I felt like it was a boy but I would have been so excited either way. We are so lucky! Another little girl to dress up! I am determined that this little girl will be her own person, just like my other three kids. When I was pregnant with my Lily I went all out with pink. So this time I am doing all purple! I have found it isn't exactly easy to avoid pink. I have more luck in consignment shops and thrift stores for finding adorable purple baby sleepers then at other stores. I am sure there will be cuter more weather appropriate clothes when September rolls around. Right now all I find is summer clothes, and it isn't nearly summer in Seattle. It was warm for like 3 days - today its cold and raining again. I hate the weather here so much.

As my belly grows the kids are more aware there is another little person coming into our lives. I am trying to prepare them all for that and I think they will do well. I still take time every day to give each child some attention. Even if it is just a conversation about legos with Eric. Or reading a book to Lily. Or snuggling my Gammers.

My midwife let me borrow Welcome With Love by Jenni Overend  to read to the kids. It is the cutest home birth book ever! I love it! At one point while reading it Gamma said, "THE BABY IS COMING OUT OF HER BUTT, MOM!" I just died laughing. It certainly looks like it sometimes. I am always open and honest with my kids when it comes to things about the body. I know some moms aren't comfortable with that but we are. This book was perfect for us. I would recomend it to anyone planning a home birth who has older children.

Now its time for Sunday dinner with my awesome little family. 

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Entwined Essentials said...

So glad everything is going well and you're getting the home birth that you want. I totally agree with you about being honest with the kids about one's body and how things happen. I never really understood the point in lying to them, they're gonna find out one way or another anyways. I do however think that there need to be different ways to explain it in terms of age appropriateness. You're doing great momma, and you're looking fantastic too!