Thursday, March 01, 2012

10 weeks - baby four

I finally decided which midwife I would go with - the home birth one. Today I had a very long appointment.   Things are looking well. Lily, Gamma and I all heard it's tiny heartbeat. <3

My home birth midwife's office is in a really really old house in a nearby town that is filled with historic buildings. It has a porch swing and old steps. Just inside is a comfy couch and things to make tea. In the actual office there is a tub of toys and drawers full of books and puzzles. I love it for Lily and Gamma, I wont be super stressed during appointments when I have to bring them. Aside from hopefully getting a home birth, I am excited to have all the appointments at this comfy old house vs a cold hospital.

Baby four's heart was in the 160s. My midwife is testing my vitamin D level because so many people who live in this area have vitamin D deficiencies.

There is not really much to tell. Morning sickness sucks goat balls. I am using preggo pops and tea and mints to fight off the nausea. I eat jello for breakfast everyday at the moment. Everything else seems gross. Occasionally I can force myself to eat a hard boiled egg white. This pregnancy has had a lot of vomiting. So until this lets up, I am focusing on keeping my babes clean and happy. Life is good. 

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EntwinedEssentials said...

Congrats again Valeta. So nice to hear you are happy with where you're going and you won't be stressed out at appointments. It sounds so much easier to do it that way. I hope you feel better soon!