Friday, January 27, 2012

pregnancy...again... again

So. I'm pregnant.

I have to admit. In the past, I was a giant brat when I was pregnant. I complained all day about every little thing. I have no compulsion to tell the Internet my every pain right now. Maybe because I am 27 and have grown up a little bit? Maybe because so far the nausea has been mild. Or because I am too busy and tired to think about it? Probably all three.

Husbandface and I are in counseling. And working on us. Its been good. Sharing life with another person who has different opinions on almost everything is hard.

My doctor has officially scared the crap out of me. As I have never had a baby in Washington before, I went to my primary care physician to get a referral. She gave me the number to a midwife group at a nice hospital and as I was walking away said, "It is probably twins."

twins. TWINS.. OMG!

Well. I have an appointment with a home birth midwife on Monday. We shall see how that goes. :)


EntwinedEssentials said...

Why would she say that!?!!! I'm sure everything's going to go great Valeta. I'm also glad that you and Kevin are able to work on your relationship....that's always good.

Valeta said...

I think she was joking. I had mentioned to her I was already having symptoms and I don't remember having them so early with the other pregnancies.

I am not really stressing about it. It just makes me think. What if it were two? Heh.