Friday, December 02, 2011

Consul 1

I am sitting in a room that has a small table, a few chairs and a phone. The sign above it says consul 1. I am full of anxiety. My Eric. My precious wild boy.

The surgeon already came in to told me Eric did great. I think this waiting in silence is the hardest part.

In the "induction" room I helped him put his gown on, I held his hand. I watched his beautiful eyes close in sleep just as they did 8 years ago when he was my baby.

And he will always be my baby. And he will be fine.

They removed a preauricular pit. A totally common occurance.

I am going to baby the hell out of him.


Howard said...

OMG! There is no greater agony for a parent than our sick children. Valeta I am sooo sorry to hear he and you had to endure this. I hope all is well. I wondered why you disappeared for a while and while you were missed we completely understand. Have a wonderful holiday season and yes baby that young lad. Howard

Valeta said...

Thanks. :) You have a wonderful holiday season as well.