Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What do I want to be when I grow up?

I know. I'm 27. Technically a grown up. I was just having a discussion with husbandface about plans for my continued education next year. Next school year Lily will be in kindergarten and Gamma will attend preschool. What in the world will mama do?

He said something to the tune of he doesn't care what I do, just as long as its something I love. 

So I say, " Well, I love being a mama. I just hate being alone all day."

"You wont be a mama for much longer. Babies are growing. Gamma will be in school in just a few years."

"This I know." 

And then I wondered to myself, is this why I get baby fever? I do love being a mama. But do I honestly want another one to care for and get no sleep with? I am not sure. My friends with new babies post pictures on facebook and I am envious. Little tiny baby snuggles. And nursing and tiny diapers. What about all the extra work? More laundry, dishes, food to prepare. Another little person to worry about all day.  Because I do, worry. Every. Day. About my littles. Am I doing this or that right? Do they get enough affection? Did they eat their veggies? Oh, my babes. I love them. 


Jerica said...

It's true that you have to do all those things for your babies but at the same time, just because they go off to school, doesn't mean you don't have to take care of them.

I think a mom's job is forever. Even when they go to school, you will have to do all kinds of things for them. Even when they move out, you will be there for them. Even when they get married and have their own kids, etc etc. it just keeps going on. A mom's work is never done. *hugs* Love you sis.

Valeta said...

Love you. xoxoxox