Tuesday, June 07, 2011

There should be a cure for baby fever. I need a pill I can take so that I wont see pictures of all my pregnant friends and pictures of brand new babies and feel my uterus being empty.

I need someone to come and smack some sense into me. I have three children. A crazy son, an amazing daughter and a sweet toddler boy. I love them all to bits. I am always stressed out because of them.

And yet..

I don't feel like we are all here yet.

Everyday my kids teach me something new and amazing. I still have so much to learn.

We are not planning any more children.

But if one were to happen...I would be happy.

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Debra said...

*hugs* girl. In a way, I can relate of course. Sometimes we idealize things like being pregnant or having a baby and yet in reality, they always change. They always grow into children and then adults. Change is so hard to deal with sometimes though.