Monday, June 27, 2011

It is summer. Sweet. Lazy days. No getting up early and driving kids to and fro.

Now if only it would stay sunny for more then one day, it would be perfect.

Isn't that how everything always is always? "If ___ was ____, it would be perfect." Bah humbug. No. Today was a good day. I feel lonely and sad anyways. I took the kids to the beach. We played in the sand. Gamma ran around in a diaper full from the lake and it was hilarious. I chatted to the ladies in my playgroup. Then I came home and crochet. THe kids colored on their easel. We read funny bedtime stories. Had some snuggles before they went to bed.

Now I am drinking wine. And look at that. I'm smiling. Just tell you, internet, about my day has cheered me up immensely.


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Debra said...

Yay! I like when my sister smiles =)