Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day three of Solo-Valeta Parenting. There have been no casualties. The house is pretty clean. I have been crafting like crazy. Poor Lily was sick this morning, but by the afternoon she was her regular jumping bean self. Gamma has been a terrific two all day.

Lots of fits and crying over little things. As he is my third child, I know what to expect. And how to just deal with it. I understand his frustration that he can't just have what he wants when he wants it how he wants it. I mean, I have the same frustration. I have had 26 years to learn how to deal with it. He is just now learning what he wants and when he can't have it. And so I adore him. I adore his giggles and his mispronounced words. I love to see things through his eyes.

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