Monday, November 15, 2010

So Husband and I decided 3 children is enough for us.

And I have to keep saying so over and over in my head. Especially on the good days. When all the kids are cuddly and giggly and cute. When nothing goes wrong and I feel happy all day.

I am sure these feelings are normal. They are just so confusing. Logically, I know adding more children to our family would just add more stress and more work.

But.. There is a but.

The 2 week old I met at the mall today with her tiny black curls. The very pregnant ultrasound technician at the doctor's office today. My two friends who were pregnant with me before are pregnant again. And I have those baby thoughts.

You know, the ones. The shiny happy "I wish I was pregnant" thoughts. I saw like 5 pregnant ladies at the mall today. Rubbing their bellies and talking about tiny things. Tiny little toes. Tiny little yawns. Tiny little hats. Nursing a newborn. Rocking a newborn. Tiny diapers.

BUT---- must remember. Endless tears. Nights without sleep. Crying, crying, and crying. I do not need that. I do not need that. I DO NOT NEED That.

*sigh* baby fever.

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

sorry, I couldnt help it dude, but I am actually done, so after this I can be on the same boat as you. Hang in there, I also heard protected sex is an excellent sure to baby fever!