Thursday, September 30, 2010

So the only writing I've been doing is for my into to college writing class. Here is my mini-review of the new HBO show Boardwalk.

For this “mini-review” I watched the series premiere of a new HBO show called Boardwalk Empire. It had been sitting on my DVR for over a week, this assignment gave me an excuse to watch it. Basically, the show is set in Atlantic City in 1920 during prohibition. The main character is a man named Nucky Thompson who is based on a real person named Nucky Johnson. He works as the country treasurer but also makes a lot of money in all sorts of illegal activities. There are also two side stories, one about Nucky’s driver named Jimmy and the other a pregnant feminist who is the victim of spousal abuse. Personally, I do not like crime but I found the costuming and characters to be wonderful.
One thing the show has going for it, Steve Buscemi plays Nucky. He is completely the opposite of what the real Nucky Johnson was like. Instead of large and tall, Steve is scrawny and kind of short. But he suits the character. I thought he was excellent. I didn’t think they had to put a graphic sex scene with him included, but it is an HBO show and that is what they are known for.
I didn’t really get Jimmy’s character. He just got discharged from the military and he had a wife and son. He could have gone to college but he wants to be like Nucky instead. After he asks Nucky for help and he refuses, Jimmy meets another driver and they plan to steal some of Nucky’s illegal booze while on route to Atlantic City. He makes a lot of money, but he looses Nucky’s trust and respect. In order to earn Nucky’s trust again he requests $3,000. Jimmy steals from his wife and his mother to make the cash. In my opinion, he should have gone to college instead.
The story line that has attracted me to this show the most is of Mrs. S. She is pregnant with her third child and she hears Nucky speak at a feminist rally. I have three children, so I empathize her situation. Her husband is a drinker and a gambler so she goes to Nucky to ask for employment for her Husband. Nucky just gives her a hand full of money and drives her home. When her husband finds out about it, he takes the money and goes to see Nucky himself. After making some rude comments, Nucky beats his face in. The husband later goes home and beats his wife so severely that she looses her third child and ends up in the hospital.
All in all, I think it will be an entertaining show. I know I will be watching to see what happens to Mrs. S. I don’t really care about Jimmy. Nucky is a very interesting character though. I love the reproduction of life in the 1920s. The way women are treated. The clothes. The cars. It seems that HBO knows what it is doing when it comes to TV shows.

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