Monday, September 20, 2010

Mommy goes to school day 1: success!

Lily went to preschool and had a blast. She cut a triangle! Gamma played and colored while I read and took notes, watched a lecture and did my first assignment. It was just a short mini-autobiography but it was fun. And I have two more short writing assignments to do this week.

I found out I ordered the wrong text book so I am out $30 and I have to buy the correct one for $50. But I have learned a lesson. Just wait until the first day to see what textbooks you really need. The book my professor "suggested" was on my kindle so I went a head and got that too.

All of that plus played battleship with Eric after school and some yummy apple smothered pork chops are on the stove simmering.

All in all. Today was awesome. Probably the most fulfilling day I have ever had.

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