Monday, August 09, 2010

So for my 26th birthday, Husbandface and I went to an awesome dueling piano bar. It was fun and funny. We had ice cream made to look like a baked potato. I had a lot of fancy cocktails.

Then somewhere along the night I got an extremely high fever. I woke up on the day of Lily's birthday party feeling like death. My right breast felt like someone had kicked its ass. I was shaky and weak. But I took some tylenol and kept on truckin'.

We had an awesome party. Everyone had fun and was happy. Lily and I were spoiled beyond belief. I have great friends. She has great friends. Yay.

After the party I felt soooo tired. And my lower back started to ache. I tried to keep a straight face and just deal with the pain. But as the night wore on it got worse and worse. I didn't sleep for more then 15 minutes at a time. I kept waking up in pain. Then I was nauseous and shaky and fever-y. I kept on taking tylenol every 4 hours or so.

By morning I was miserable. I couldn't get Husband to wake up. I needed something other then tylenol, it just wasn't doing the trick. I tried to wake my dad up, but he had had a littl but too much to drink the night before. So I waited. In pain. I sat on the couch miserably. The kids played with all of Lily's new toys happily. I was greatful for that.

Then finally I got Husband to wake up and take me to urgent care. I got dad to watch the kids so we didn't have to take them.

I used the google maps app on my droid to find the closest urgent care. We drove for 20 mintutes, all while I am in pain and nauseous and feeling like I am going to die, to find a not completed building. And a sign that said "The future site of Evergreen urgent care." Why the hell is it already on google maps with ratings if it is not yet completed.

So then I was so miserable, I cried. Husband drove me to the emergency room. They took me right into triage and did all the stuff they always do. Then they took me back to see a doctor.

Apparently I had mastitis and a sprained back. It hurt. A lot. I was thinking 9 out of 10. I could barely move. They gave me an IV for fliuds and morphine, zofran and antibiotics. I had never had morphine before. At first I felt funny. But then I felt like I was flying. And it eased the pain. The pain did not go completely away. But it helped. I wanted to kiss my nurse. His name was Kendall. And he was the best nurse in the history of nurses.

So I spent all day in the ER while they tested my blood and urine and gave me fluids. It wasn't fun. But the morphine worked.

They sent me home with vicodin for the pain and antibiotics for the mastitis.

In conclusion - I think it is time to stop nursing Gamma. haha. He still wants to nurse several times a day. If this post doesn't make entire sense, its probably the vicodin. When I am feeling better I will have to write about Lily's princess ladybug birthday party, it was awesome.

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

first of all happy everything and the piano bar sounds amazing, i want bakesd potatoe ice cream real bad now. Also im really sorry you got sick and I want to cry for you... and yes morphine is great!

love you so much, hang in there