Monday, August 02, 2010

In a few short days, the only baby I ever planned will be three years old. My butterfly ladybug princess. Three is such a fun age. Imagination, saying funny things. Testing boundaries.

Having a daughter, has become so much fun. The deep dark cloud that was her babyhood has past. We communicate. And she is so cute. Everyday is an adventure. And the unending laughs, are great.

Her face is always dirty and her hair is always a mess and yet nothing could be more beautiful to me. She carries random things around and they are special to her. Yesterday it was a broken triangle and an unsharpened purple colored pencil. Today it seems to be bug spray and a fairy wand. Oh I love her.

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Andrea said...

Wow! You've gotta change your profile now to say that you have a 3 year old!! I hope Lily had a great birthday and that you are having a great one too.