Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm kind of sick of blogs. I used to care. What happened to that person and that one's baby and blah blah blah. But I am just sick of hearing about people who have awesome families whine. Oh waaah I only have two parents who visit me and watch the baby so I can poop. Oh woe is the Bitch whose sister gets to spend all summer with her to take care of ONE BRAND NEW BABY. I would give a toe to have a sister. Or a cousin. Or anyone to care about me.

People wonder why I complain and why I am such a bitch. Its because I HAVE NO ONE BUT MYSELF. LITERALLY. My husband doesn't want to renew our vows because of money. He would rather me go to school. Which logically, I agree with. Emotionally, it feels like he doesn't love me. He doesn't want to marry me. He doesn't want to have sex with me. Like every. I have a high sex drive so this is a problem.

My best friend treated me like shit at her wedding. And at her house. My mom is a bald drug addict. None of my Washington friend's can hang out because THEY ARE OFF DOING THINGS WITH THEIR FAMILIES.

Can someone adopt me? I want a family. I want someone to care about me. I want someone to be silly and laugh and joke and cook with.

I am literally crying. I want somebody. Anybody.

If people who have tons of support can't figure out how to be grown ups, how the hell am I supposed to figure this out with no one but a couple of babies?


Innovative said...

Hang in there...I'll adopt you. You are now my cyber-pal :-}

Valeta said...

Lol. Thanks.

Innovative said...

No are a very attractive and gifted individual. Getting into school may be just what you need to bolster your self-esteem and break the viscous cycle of the daily grind :-)

Brandy said...

I hear ya. There's a certain blogger who just bought a new big house and has a huge family that helps out quite a bit and it drives me nuts!! My mother is dead, my father is emotionally unavailable (not to mention physically). My mother in law is great, but lives too far away. My siblings are all too young. My husband seems to be going through some sort of mid-life crisis which results in hating me and nitpicking everything I do. So I work full time, have two kids (including a 5-month old), go to school part time taking HARD classes, try to keep my house clean (for which I get zero help from anyone) and I'm surprised that I binge eat and my stomach hurts all the time? Really?

Sorry, I shouldn't unload on you. I just want you to know, I feel your pain. You try very hard and I see it! And I am sure your husband loves you just remember guys tend to be more practical than romantic, which royally sucks. And frankly, certain bloggers are off my reading list, too. I cannot take listening to their "problems". What a joke.

Valeta said...

Oh Brandy, *hugs*

My husband nitpicks everything I do too! "Why is this like this?" "why didnt you do this?" Blah blah blah. After a while, it gets old and annoying.

Leila said...

I miss you! See, you shouldn't have left Cali, then we can still hang out. Hang in there! Things will be better. You know you can always talk to me, when you feel like you're alone. I still consider you a friend even if we are far from each other.

Super Blogger Girl! said...

im sorry I have been unavailable, my work is sucking me dry. Please don't think I don't care, I really do love you a ton! I need to mail you something soon anyways!