Thursday, June 24, 2010

I really hate when the kids are tired and cranky and everyone stares at me like its my fault. When you drag kids around all day, they are going to be tired and cranky. And people make rude comments about my kids. Mind your own fucking business, why dontcha?

Or when my teething 16 month old is drooling like a fountain and someone says out loud, "Can you wipe his mouth please?" Its not going to stop pouring out of his mouth, wiping wont help.

My kids are not a burden. They are kids. I love them. They drive me crazy and stress me out. But they are awesome little creative dancing souls. They are who they are and I love that.

People who have never had kids of their own should not have any reason to judge what I do or say to my kids. They should not expect my kids to sit and be good allllll day. They are two and one. They have a lot of energy. They need to play.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

GASP! someone asked you to wipe his mouth??? i would have wiped it with my hand then down the front of their shirt. jerks...

Valeta said...