Thursday, April 22, 2010

The terrible twos really are terrible. Especially this time around. With Eric he threw fits and got into some things. But he never climbed. And he never cried over everything the way Lily does. She gets her feelings hurt and cries. Then it breaks my heart.

But she really is such a drama queen. She can't find her cup she had a minute ago. Woe is her! Tears and a thrown carebear. Sometimes she has taken to laying on the floor and crying over not getting what she wants.

I am trying my best to be patient. For discipline,I am using the "love and logic" approach. I say "ut-oh" when she misbehaves and send her to her room. After she calms down she stays in her room for 3 minutes.

So the other day I had to take Eric to the dentist in the morning, so I left the babies with husband. Well Lily crept down stairs. Smashed 6 eggs on the ground. Found a bag of cashews and got them all over the pantry floor. Husband came down stairs. Looked at the mess, looked at Lily and she said, "Go to my room?"

I can't help but laugh at husband. This is the kind of stuff I deal with every day.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

at least he cant ask how you let this happen anymore.

Jimmie said...

I am sorry, but that is AWESOME. Hope Kevin cleaned it up