Friday, April 16, 2010

So last month I started a playgroup hoping to have a hobby to fill my time and to make friends. And the past week has been filled with play group drama.

I just don't get some people. Its like they don't want to have friends. They don't want other people around. I try to make everyone in the group happy but I end up hurting myself because I lose other members. Blah! Drama = stupid.

Also, I hate having people mad at me. It is such an irrational thing. I shouldn't really care. But I just hate that someone is in their home being angry at me. Heh.

Aside from the grown ups having drama. The kids have LOVED the play group. They have made friends. Lily asks to go "check on friends" every day. It is SO cute.

I only hope I haven't ruined some of her friendships with the drama.


Andrea said...

I'm in a pretty good playgroup, but there's one lady in it who would love to cause some drama. Unfortunately she uses me as an outlet to complain about the other ladies. i just keep my mouth shut, but seriously is like some people just can't let themselves be happy and have friends. It's always something.

Valeta said...

It totally is always something.