Monday, April 19, 2010

I haven't felt the need to share all the silly little details of my life anymore, internet. I still like to write funny things the kids do or say. Or maybe I am just so busy with all my other hobbies that blogging isn't high on the priority list. I still love you, internet.

I have been crafting like crazy and hanging out with my new friends. Trying to teach Eric to ride his first without-training-wheels bike. Trying to keep Lily out of the flour. (Seriously she has knocked the giant glass jar I keep the all-purpose flour in the pantry over like 4 times, getting flour EVERYWHERE! Its a nightmare!)And playing with Gamma.

Yesterday Eric was outside with the neighborhood kids, Lily went grocery shopping with Husbandface. So me and Gamma had some mama baby time. We danced. We laughed. I cleaned and he ate bananas. I looked down at his baby face and teared up. Its going by too fast. Soon he will be a curious preschooler.

This morning Lily was up early because she had a nightmare. She speaks so clearly now. I am amazed at how well she communicates. Eric at her age was just so high energy he never took the time to tell me anything. Lily tells stories. She tells us exactly what she feels, what she wants. I am so proud of the smart little girl she is becoming. She is so brave. When I was her age I was very shy and not social. She runs up to new kids and says, "Lets be friends!" I was the kind of kid who cowered between mommy's legs. Not my girl. She is always finding something to get in to.

Happy Monday.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

you didn't have gabba gabba like lilly does, she knows how to be friends because of brobee.

Valeta said...