Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yesterday I spent an hour sweeping then mopping the floor. Lily spilled salt all over it an hour later.

I spent half an hour cleaning out the fridge. Little did I know that Gamma was behind me taking everything I threw away out of the trash. He found a paper towel covered in cleaned up butter that has spilled to the bottom of the fridge.

My kids just hate it when the house is clean. Maybe I should just let it stay messy.

My Husband would never be okay with that. On a daily basis I hear why didn't I clean this right or that or do this or that.


On another note. My kids are loving the dirtiness of our garden.

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Andrea said...

:-( It's so hard to clean with just one baby who can't even move. I can't imagine what it will be like with more than one toddler! There have been a couple of times that Matt has said things like that to me about our house and I just tell him that we can have a clean house and an unhappy wife/mom, or we can have a happy wife/mom and a dirty house.

Although a lot of times I feel that I would be happier if things were clean...I hate clutter. Perfect scenario: hiring someone to clean the house so I can live in a clean house and not have to do the work! Maybe someday we can do that..