Monday, March 08, 2010

Today I got an estimate for some house cleaning. "The maids" want $400 to clean our house. It really made me question what services they REALLY offer. Just kidding.

I know our house is big, but that just seems a little ridiculous. And that number made me like cleaning a whole lot more then usual.

Today I questioned why I blog. I am just a mommy blogger. I have nothing really interesting to say. Maybe I should just quit blogging. But I like to write. And occasionally I write heartfelt entries that I want to share with my wonderful children some day. Today is just not one of those heartfelt days, sorry.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

awww, hugs. Now maybe your husband will see that your worth at least 400 a week just for cleaning!!!

Steph said...

For what its worth, Ive just started reading your blog, and I find it very engaging. I think you should definitely keep writing :)

(This is StephieBee from Flickr, by the way!)