Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today I am proud of myself as a mother. I don't think I have ever felt that way before.

Eric was a little late for school this morning because of a dental appointment and while I was in the office signing him in the school nurse came over to me.She told me she just had to give me a compliment. I guess the teacher on duty during lunch has noticed that Eric always has one of the healthiest lunches at school.

This made my day.

I try really hard to make sure his lunches are healthy and something he will eat. Today I packed half a ham/cheese sandwich, a couple handfuls of cashews, water, carrot sticks and a granola bar. Sometimes I add a little treat like a cookie. Recently gogurt has come out with a preservative & color free version of their product so I buy those too. Other things I put in there : veggie pirate booty, string cheese, almond butter sandwich, celery sticks, fresh fruit such as apples, bananas or pears. Eric loves them. He doesn't always finish his lunch so whatever is leftover is usually his after-school snack too.

I am thankful the nurse took time out of her day to tell me this.


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Super Blogger Girl! said...

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