Wednesday, March 03, 2010

So while I went to talk to the psychologist about Eric, Husband stayed home to watch Lily and Gamma. Well he was sitting on the couch checking email. Lily decided it was a good time to do her favorite new hobby, explore the pantry. She climbs the shevles and gets things down to eat.

This morning she found my baking powder. Husband was still interneting. So She opened the baking powder. And poured it all over our wood floors that I just mopped yesterday. When I came home Husband was still vacuming the mess. I laughed. Hahahaha! So funny! A mess! That I didn't have to be here for!

Should not have laughed at Husbandface.

Then during naptime, I mopped the floor AGAIN. For the second day in a row. It takes me 45 minutes to mop the floor. It is a lot of work.

When we got home from walking Eric home from school, Gamma needed changed. So I am upstairs chaging him Lily heads to the pantry. She climbs to the POWDERED thyme. THYME! She gets thyme everywhere. I probably smell like time after cleaning it up.

So now I need to mop the floor again. Third time in a row. Thank you so much, GODS, for giving me the terrible twos.

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

haha, terrible two's, i can't wait!