Friday, March 05, 2010

So I have decided, instead of yelling, Husband and myself will only talk about disagreements over the internet. No real yelling. ONLY ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!!! And lots of exclamation points when you want to prove your point. And He doesn't know when I cry and say mean things about me being a crybaby.

The past few weeks its been and endless fight. We were both resenting each other. Well it took IMing for me to actually listen to him. I am a yeller. When I am mad, I yell. Not very good at listening in a disagreement. But yesterday I read. I understood.

We both have felt unappreciated. We both are wanting the impossible out of each other. Time to be a grown up and have real expectations. We can't be a team, we can't be partners if we are both feeling like we have the short end of the stick.

Time to listen. Time be a real grown up.

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