Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So everyday, I try to teach Lily things. You could say we are doing home school preschool. I still plan on sending her to preschool next year but she loves learning activities. And what better way to fill our day then to learn?

Some of my favorite things to do are starfall.com, tlsbooks.com, and wikipedia (of course). There is just so much to learn! She loves watching the letter thingies on starfall. She asks for them everyday. We also color all the time.

We also watch signing time and kid's love spanish. We love learning new words in other languages. I get the dvds from the library and we watch them and practice the words together. Eric also learns these things with us. I know its almost taboo to let your children watch TV, but I feel like some shows are really educational and worth it.

Some days are so stressful we don't get around to learning. But most days we do. And we have a great time.

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Andrea said...

Those are such great ideas! We used to watch educational shows on TV. Mostly Sesame Street. I taught myself to read when I was 4 by watching that show. My mom said she didn't help except to teach me the alphabet, I learned to sound out the letters from watching a TV show. So even though so many people make that a negative thing these days, it obviously can be a good thing too.