Monday, March 15, 2010

On Saturday I was talking with a friend who also has a son with ADHD. Our sons have so much in common.

I was telling her about how embarrassed I used to be of my own son. I was ashamed that he was mine. I wanted to run away and hide in a hole sometimes when he was just mind-blowingly hyper and crazy. But I have realized it doesn't matter. I accept him as he is. I accept his disability. I love him for who he is. I will love him no matter what his behavior is like.

She told me once you let that go, everything is all good.

And she was right. I have let go of caring what other people think about my parenting, about our family. And Eric is great.

I was so anti-medication because everyone I knew was. I didn't want them thinking "oh she drugs up her kid." I cared more about being judged then helping my son do better in school. No, I do not "drug up" my kid. I give him medication to help him focus. Otherwise he is easily distracted, bouncing off the walls and cannot focus enough to learn. And the only opinions that matter are Eric's, mine, my husband's, our pediatrician.

He has been on medication for a little over a week and we have seen a DRAMATIC change in him. He had several good days in school. In a row. He is actually getting ready in the morning instead of me yelling at him after telling him over and over and over to put some freaking socks on already.

And I probably will be judged. But I do not care. I am doing what I can so that Eric has a successful and happy life.


Jimmie said...

proud of you valeta. I know this was a hard decision for you

Valeta said...

Thanks Jimmie. Having understanding friends means a lot to me.

Andrea said...

I think you made a good decision! Don't ever for one second regret it! In this case it isn't really optional since using meds makes your son's life (and yours) better. I'd definitely do the same thing.