Thursday, January 07, 2010

On Monday husbandface was sick. He stayed in bed or on the couch coughing and looking terrible. Then Yesterday myself and all of the children seem to have caught whatever it is that he has. My lungs hurt. My babies are fussy. Our house sounds like "cough cough cough" all day and night long.

The upside to sick babies is that they are extra cuddly. My toddler who normally prefers Daddy followed me around all day and took a nap with me on the couch. My baby fussed unless he was asleep or in my arms. I took full advantage and hugged them all day long. They wont always be so little. They wont always need me so much. They wont be small enough to sleep in my arms forever.

Here is to hoping we can get better soon so I can finish unpacking. Heh.

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Leila said...

Hope everyone feels better!