Monday, January 25, 2010

And he walks.

For eleven months, he has sat back and watched. As his siblings ran around and played. But this past week he has joined them. He stands on his own two wobbly legs, giggles and chases his big sister. 

I blow him kisses and he smacks his lips together trying to make a kissing sound. 

He HATES getting dressed or getting his diaper changed. He screams and cries the whole time. He is too busy trying to get somewhere to play.

He says, "mama" "dada" and, "hi." 

My third baby. Growing up faster then I can catch up with. 


Andrea said...

Go Gamma!

Our babies are definitely growing too fast. And yes, I can see why you have 3!! My friends were talking today about TTC's so tempting. lol

Hot Belly Mama said...

I can only imagine! Right now Mimi can't quite crawl or walk but I get the feeling that as soon as she does - I will be a thing of the past to her. *sobs*

I love your description of a great moment.