Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Yesterday we had to go to the title and escrow company to sign our loan and mortgage documents. Eric was at school but we had to take Lily and Gamma with us. It was an adventure.

Lily was kept occupied with some paper and pens. Gamma sat on my lap banging the table and gnawing on Dr Suess's the foot book. Every paper I had to sign, he tried to grab. He also hollered out every now and then. Lily asked lots of questions. She decided to take the notary's yellow and pink high lighters. The yellow one was for Eric she said. Very sweet of her. She then tried to give Gamma a pen. He didn't need a pen.

So we sign and sign. Lily tries to run off. I have to go get her several times.

Then we are done and we thank the notary and leave.


I didn't sign something. The guy had to drive all the way to our apartment this evening for one little Valeta signature.

And in a day or two we close escrow. On a house. Like real grownups. Yay!


Super Blogger Girl! said...

YAY! I can't wait to see all the pictures, im so happy for you.

RussellPartyofFive said...

Congrats on becoming a homeowner... there is nothing like the security of owning a home :) I grew up moving alot, being homeless and having crappy landlords...I have to say I am too thankful to be able to own. Good luck :) and emjoy moving into your forever home :)