Thursday, December 17, 2009

some people

so yesterday was a busy day of travel and airports and snot. mostly travel. But I noticed that more then ever, people kept making rude comments about my parenting. its especially rude when it comes from people who obviously do not have kids.

At the Sea-Tac airport Husband was checking in and I was tending to all three of our children. In the middle of a busy airport. after being stuck in a car for two hours. I knew we'd be stuck on the plane all day so I let Gamma crawl around and the other kids and I followed him around. A very large man sitting near me says, "You know, this floor isn't the cleanest." So i chuckle and say "A little dirt wont hurt." So he says " These days, a little dirt does hurt." and he continued to rabble on about disease and international dirt. I closed my ears to him. Where I let MY son crawl is really none of his business.

In the Chicago O'hare airport we had about 25 minutes before bording when we got to our gate. I took Eric and Lily for a walk around the escalators. Eric kept sitting down. I told him several times to gwet up, don't sit on the escalators. He decides to sit behind me where I cannot see. A man comes up to me and says, "you shouldnt let him sit on the escalator." and goes on and on about safetly. I tell Eric again not to do it. Again. The guy comes back and starts lecturing me.

Its like, people, I know I'm young. But I am there mother. Sometimes its better not to butt in.


Andrea said...

That's something I'm not looking forward to. It's crazy that people think they can tell you what to do with your own kids. And it's not even like you're letting them run around with scissors or something! I especially can't get over that guy who told you Gamma shouldn't crawl...what did he expect you to do? Not let him move around the entire time y'all travel!?

I hope other than those times you had a good trip and are having fun on your vacation!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

I let diego crawl on the indoor field of the Ravens... this is were the blood, sweat and tears and probably vomit all land from a team of 60 random dudes...

I think he is fine.

actually he's been sick less than any other kid I know.

so there!!!