Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It takes an intelligent person to be able to realize when they have made a mistake. To own that and do something about that. When they have taken on more then they can handle. Since we moved into our apartment, I realized this about my dog. Moo. She was super cute and a truly loving animal. But I have three kids. Two in diapers. A dog just added a lot more stress then I need.

So today, I gave her to a very nice girl who is set to get married soon. A girl with no kids and a empty house. Moo bonded with her instantly and I believe Moo will live a long and happy doggy life.

Good bye my pretty princess dog. I will always love you. I will miss you.

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

bye moo moo. at least you don't have to watch a dog eat baby shit anymore.