Sunday, November 22, 2009

I was just reading Lazy crazy mama's post about being addicted to babies and I had an "ah-ha" moment.

Either I am addicted to babies too or just crazy. Usually I say just crazy. My sister-in-law had her first child Nov 7th and seeing his sweet little pictures makes me want to have another one some day. Not soon. Oh no! I couldn't do less then two years apart again. But it makes me sad that Gamma is the last baby I'll ever nurse and bond with. Next year I plan on going to school and sending Gamma and Lily to preschool. When they are all older I do not plan on being a SAHM. I love my kids, but staying home when they are older just doesn't appeal to me. I love life and I want to be out there living it. Doing good in the world.

I was scheduled to start attending Mesa Community College when Kevin asked me to move to California with him. I loved him. I knew I wanted to marry him. So I gave that up to follow him into the sunset. Then we got married. And I wanted my kids to be as close together in age as possible, and I was told by a fertility doctor that I might not have any other kids. So we tried to have a baby RIGHT away. And we had our darling Lilyface. Then Little Gammer came along too and he is a joy of a baby. But.. I'm only 25! I want more babies! Someday! Babies!

Who will I name Edward after my dad? Who will I name Iris Bonnie? (Not that husbandface would ever agree to those names, but still.) Babies. <3


Super Blogger Girl! said...

I like Edward! You need to have another just for that!

LazyCrazyMama said...

Oh yes, you are young enough to wait a little bit longer :) It is better to have more time between them. I have 22 and 23 months between my youngest 3. If I were younger I totally would have spaced them out a little more! 3 or 4 years between is probably the best :)
I never planned on being a SAHM. But once I had my kids, I just couldn't fathom sending them to daycare. So yes, I too was waiting for them to be sent off to school...but now we live in an area where I would be sending them on a 1 hour bus ride each way, and ugh, kick me now but I think I'm going to homeschool! I must be completely insane!

Valeta said...

I seriously considered homeschooling when we lived in California.

In the end we moved to Washington for better schools.