Sunday, November 29, 2009

Husbandface and I generally agree on a lot of things. Most Music. Raising our children. Life. Morality. Religion. Politics.

But today I learned that Husband and I have VERY different taste in furniture.

Before Husband started working for the Google we really didn't have money to buy good furniture. So we went to Ikea and bought whatever we could afford. Everything we have ever purchased from Ikea, has either fallen apart or easily destroyed by children. I broke an Ikea table leg by ramming into it too hard while wresting on the floor the the kids.

Today we went to a several furniture stores and really did not agree on much. I found a chair with brown, tan and grey flowers all over it that I adored. Husband detested it. I want a four poster bed. He hates anything intricate. I have very romantic ideas about design. He likes modern.

We did find a dining table that we both agreed on.

Its funny. When you are falling in love, you think you talk about everything. Or you are just so infatuated you don't care what kind of couch the other person wants. You just love and want them. Then when you are married you have to compromise EVERYTHING, or maybe it is just me. I don't remember talking furniture or baby names before we got married. And here we are.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

jaime and i love the same exact furniture, I never thought about but im lucky i didnt have to convince him what to get for our house.

Valeta said...

lucky bitch