Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dear Eric,

Since the day you were born you have brought such love, wonder and frustration to my life. It's the love and wonder that make all the frustration worth living through.

I know I've not been a perfect mom. There have been days where I was so low I did not recognize that we are in this together. But I honestly do not think a perfect mom exsists.

Now that you are six and finding your independence every little thing becomes a battle. Sometimes you are so stubborn I can't help but laugh. Watching you grow and become your own person is a greater joy then I ever thought possible.

This Thursday, I am thankful life has given me the challenge of being your mother. I love you more then coffee. More then books and more then chicken nuggets. I only hope that one day you realize that all I do (like grounding you) I do out of love.

Love, Mom.

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Leila said...

that is so sweet =)