Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So today has been a shitty day. And I mean that literally.

Moo doesn't like rain. Which is just AWESOME because we are in WASHINGTON. She refuses to go potty outside if it is raining. She is also a dainty princess dog who wont poo when strangers are near. So she likes to sneak to the back of the house and poop where no one can see her do it. I have cleaned Moo Poo out of all the bedrooms in our apartment today.

Then because I just love stress I decided over the weekend to start potty training Lily again. She did really good yesterday. Pooped in the potty! Today, not so much. She pooed ON her bed and the bathroom floor. Not to mention she stepped on her own Poo.

If one more being poos on the floor today I will lose it!

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

lo, what a shitty day indeed!