Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lily likes to walk around and tell everything it is pretty. "You pretty mom. You pretty dad. Pretty couch. Pretty rope. Pretty legos. Pretty Eric."

Gamma likes to crawl to me when I am in my pajamas and pull my pajama pants down.

Eric likes to tell me fantastic stories that involve ghostbusters, dragons, castles, jedis and santa claus.

Things that are funny and cute.

Eric asks a lot of questions about death and Jesus. And sometimes I don't know how to answer him. Because I don't know myself. Was Jesus real? Is there really a Heaven. I don't know honey, if I knew I would tell you.

Lily has been hitting and bitting and throwing true drama queen tantrums. I sometimes have to just walk away until she calms down.

Gamma sometimes wants to be held all day and I feel like I will lose my mind.

Things that are hard and make me realize I am alive.

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

I love lilli