Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The first thing my kids did after I wrote a post about our routine was to change it. Gamma is giving up his morning nap. Waking up with other kids more often. I'm not really strict about our routine anyway.

So yesterday I put him in his high chair with cheerios and banana while we all ate breakfast. Gamma likes to savor his food, well either that or he is just a slow eater. I took lily in the bathroom to clean her up and brush her teeth while Gamma was still eating.

When I was done I find Gamma fast asleep in his high chair. I reclined the seat back and left him there. Didn't want a grumpy baby on my hands.

Half an hour later he wakes up and just continues eating his banana. I guess all that eating needed a nap.

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Diana H said...

It always took a long time for my son to eat. He was so fascinated with all the conversation, he couldn't eat if someone was talking. At 17 he still is that way, so we eventually leave him to finish alone.