Saturday, October 10, 2009


ADHD scares me. The label. The symptoms. The drugs that are normally prescribed. My brother was diagnosed with it at Eric's age. When he was 18 he was diagnosed with scitzophrenia. That REALLY scares me. My mom doesn't worry. She just pretends everything is hunky dory.

Everything is not okay when my uncle and my brother cannot even live normal productive lives. I don't want my Eric, my first baby, to end up like that.

Eric's chances are a lot better then my brothers. He has two parents who care deeply. He has a Mom who would do anything for him, who is always around.

Growing up, I often felt so alone. Like I had no one on my side. I will make sure, no matter what Eric knows I am here for him. I don't care what happens. We are in this together. And everything WILL be okay.

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

keep up the good work, one day he will thank you!