Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moving has me extremely busy. During nap time I always have something to pack or clean.

My six month old Gamma is crawling. In fact he is chewing on my toe right now because he crawled across the living room to get to me.

Life is happening. Life is now. In the past, when I am feeling sad, I always thinking about the next "thing". Like my mom coming to visit, our vacation, a baby's birth. I think about how great it will be when whatever the next "thing" is happens. Its like I can never enjoy what is happening now. But not today. Gamma is crawling. Lily is adorable. Eric is reading. Moo is huge. 18lbs of baby dog! Today is her second puppy class.

And because I have SO much time, I have been crocheting hats for everyone and their mama. It is my intention to give them out as x-mas gifts. And I have to plan Halloween costumes for the kids. Eric doesn't want anyone to match and I am okay with that.

Now Gamma has crawled to the xbox. He is just like his daddy.

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