Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I feel like lately, all I do is talk/blog about is Lily. But she is at the age where everything she says or does is hilarious or extremely cute. And gosh darn it, she is adorable. I made her myself.

She loves Moo. She often acts like Moo. She begs for Moo's treats. She always wants to know where Moo is. Its the first question she asks when she wakes up after she figures out where Eric is. A couple times she has laid on the floor in front of Moo's water bowl and licked herself a doggy-like drink. Then she gets up and yells, "I FUNNY!" Husband and I laugh and tell her no. That is not for Lilies. That is for doggies. She will say, "I lickin'!" And we giggle some more.

Just now Lily and I took Moo down to this grassy area on our street to go potty. When we got there Lily and Moo ran around like crazies. Then Moo found water in the ditch and started drinking. So what does my sweet, precious two year old girl do? She LAYS down in the dirty ditch water and gets a drink. EWWWW. Getting mud and water and who knows what else on her Mickey mouse shirt and all over her jeans. Not to mention her WHITE shoes. Why did I buy a two year old WHITE shoes? Because I am insane, that is the only explanation.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

lilly is the funniest! that is gross, don't let her drink out of the street dude.

Valeta said...

I didn't let her. She ran off and did it.

I lectured her and watch her close if we are outside now.