Friday, September 25, 2009

The evolution of my birthday gifts from Husband:

1st birthday (when we were dating): Tickets to a concert to a band I freaking love and he hates.

2nd birthday 1st (after we got married): a pink acoustic guitar

3rd birthday (the day after I GAVE BIRTH to our only daughter): our daughter.

4th birthday: he let me touch his Iphone.(and promised to buy me one. Which he did. A MONTH LATER.) And took me to the worst mexican restaurant in the world.

5th birthday: he left me alone in the middle of downtown Seattle because I wanted to eat Mexican food and he wanted pizza. Then he made me some pasta for dinner.

I fear what will happen next August. And yes, I probably am a selfish bitch. But I think people deserve at least a card or a flower or ANYFUCKINGTHING on their birthdays.

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

I think you deserve diamonds, and a new purse and a dinner out to whereever you want!