Monday, August 24, 2009

When I walked into his room this morning he was already dressed for school. I made him special french toast, eggs and strawberries for breakfast with orange juice. He barely ate. He wore his favorite darth vader socks. He sat around impatiently while I got the babies ready. Then we walked to school as a family.

We found the line to room 17. He was the second to last in line. His teacher said hello. He sheepishly looked at the ground. She asked, "And what is your name?" He said,"Eric." She gave me a name tag to pin on his shirt. He held the straps to his new clone wars backpack and looked up at me nervously as I pinned it on.

I hugged him tightly, but not for too long. Didn't want to embarrass him. I told him to have a nice day and I'd be there when school was over. He swung his lunch box back and forth as he followed the line to the first day of first grade.

I am the mother of a grade schooler.

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