Monday, August 10, 2009

This is the first real vacation I have ever had. I think vacations are good for the soul. Getting away from the every day monotony of my life has been great. I have taken so many pictures. I have had some experiences that make me realize how great and precious life is.

We have had a lot of adventures along the way. Crater lake is absolutely gorgeous. Camping was dirty but way fun. Cheap hotels are usually in bad neighborhoods. Someone got shot just outside of the first one we were at. Sunday morning I was walking across the street to kmart to get diapers and there was a dead teenager on the side walk. It was awful. Now we are in a better neighborhood. I am not holding the whole shooting thing against Seattle. People are dumb and shoot people in every big city.

Seattle is awesome. Humid, but awesome. Love it here so far.

The kids are taking this trip pretty well. When camping it got way colder then we expected and Gamma(and me) hated that. Next time we are bringing sleeping bags. Not blankets. And Lily was a little confused our first night in a hotel. She said, "want go home." at first. But I think she is having fun now. Husbandface just took her outside a little while ago to splash in rain puddles. She loves jumping in puddles.

I am going to order room service for breakfast. I have never done that before. Tee hee! I am like so immature.

Oh yeah. I am 25 now. Go me.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

let us know what you ordered!

Valeta said...

Pancakes and berries.