Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He comes home with his happy, cheerful attitude. I am cleaning and hating it. I am huffing and puffing about something that probably doesn't really matter. He walks up behind me and wraps his safe, warm arms around me. My first instinct is to always push him away. But lately I let him. I let him hug me. I let him love me. And I love him in return. Lily looks up to us as we do what Carrie Bradshaw calls the "hollywood kiss." I look down on her and realize. I had never watched my parents kiss. So I hug husband tighter and kiss him again. This is what life should be. This is love. We are happy. We are a family.


Andrea said...

There should be a "like" button on here like there is on facebook! I love this post, keep hugging and kissing your awesome hubby!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

i totally shed a tear. your a biatch.

I want a hollywood hug now.